Start the Madness: Basketball Team Spirit in Lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all of you college basketball fans, and even for you none basketball fans who don’t know the bracket definition, it’s still an exciting time. Your eyes will be glued to your TV as you cheer on your favorite teams. Friendly discussions between your friends will turn into competitive banter as the games go by and the winners work their way through the brackets. Team colors will be represented and jerseys will be worn. Most of you die-hard fans will stop at nothing to show your team spirit.

So, why stop there? Sure, you can represent your team through your clothes and conversations. But why not show the world, or at least your neighbors, your devotion as well? Adding a splash of light and color to your house can really add some fun to the whole basketball fan experience. Wrap your basketball hoop with rope lights in your team’s colors, Or line your front window or door-frame, with sting lights of your favorite college basketball team colors. The options are endless.


Draw your team’s logo on a piece of cardboard and punch holes along the lines. Then paint it white and push LED string lights through the holes to illuminate the sign. Let’s say you want to represent the entire tournament and not one particular team. You can draw a basketball instead of a logo and then change the colors every time a team wins. Display your board in your front window or on your garage for the world to see. It’s a fun and easy project to do with the kids too, since LEDs never get hot.

Looking to create the ultimate March basketball fan display? Don’t get stuck with one color scheme dependent on your team’s victory. Decorate with programmable RGB lights and change colors and designs to match the current dominant team(s). Line your windows, outfit your game or party room, cover your bushes or trees with these strings of lights, and then get creative. Represent each game as it is happening. Support multiple teams on different nights. Or instantly change the colors if your team falls off the bracket.

No matter which team you are rooting for, you can guarantee that your decorations will be a slam-dunk this year! Have any other ways to “light” up your team spirit? We’d love to see it!

Using Your Lights Year Round

When you think of making an LED purchase, you are normally only thinking of a specific event, holiday, or special occasion that would allow you to bring them out and dazzle your guests. But if you’re going to be spending on premium LED lighting, you should find ways to utilize your purchase year round to get the most bang for your buck! With a bit of creative flare and the right idea, string lights or Rope light can have endless uses for interior and exterior design opportunities. Luckily we’re here with a few tips, tricks and ideas for year round use of your LED lights around your home or garden spaces:

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5 Ways to Create a Commercial-Grade Lighting Display

Have you just moved to a new neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas decorations? How about a small business owner trying to spruce up your storefront around the holiday season? Whatever your reasoning, Holiday LEDs is here with some tips that can help you transform an area into a commercial-grade setting that offers a warm welcome to anyone passing by.

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Get an LEDucation: Understanding the difference between incandescent vs. LED lights

Whether you are planning for outdoor lighting, patio lighting, or any DIY project around your home or backyard it’s incredibly important to know the differences between the two major types of bulbs that are available on the market right now- incandescent and LED lights. Here we will discuss the things that make both of these types of lights unique, including both their positives and negatives, as well as the most popular places to use them.

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8 LED Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

One of the major downsides to exterior lighting is typically the high cost associated with those lights that will enhance your home and backyard. Lucky for you, Holiday LEDs has a wide selection of sale and clearance strings year-round that will allow you to do all of the outdoor decorating you can imagine without breaking the bank. We’ve compiled a list of eight budget outdoor lighting ideas to keep your yard looking bright, inviting and enchanting.

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Learn to Make Wedding Table Decor: LED Flower Arrangements & Firefly Jars

For safety and liability reasons, wedding and party venues are more regularly not allowing candles in decorations, plus outdoor events can make candles impractical due to wind and other weather issues. LED lights provide a safe and beautiful alternative, with battery operated strands and micro dots making them easy and portable to use. Learn, step-by-step in this SlideShare how to make attractive LED-enhanced flower arrangements and firefly jars to light up your table arrangements! Continue reading Learn to Make Wedding Table Decor: LED Flower Arrangements & Firefly Jars

Planning a Super Sports Bar Celebration

The Big Game is one of the busiest days of the year for sports bars. Everyone is excited to watch and celebrate, but with a number of parties and special events to choose from, you need to work extra hard to create a unique and fun game day experience for your patrons.

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Valentine’s Ambience: Restaurant Decorating for the Big Night

Valentine's Ambience: Restaurant Decorating for the Big Night
The origins of Valentine’s Day have always been shrouded in romantic mystery. Whether St. Valentine himself had any romance in his life or not, at the end of the 5th century Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day, and a melding of Christian idealized love with pagan traditions and fertility rites led to some of the Valentine’s Day rituals we observe today. Two Valentine’s Day rituals that have remained constant since the Middle Ages are sending notes, and spending the day on romance.

While the greeting card industry gets a boon from the passing of notes, the restaurant industry is the recipient of much of the holiday’s action. Restaurateurs often experience a huge increase in traffic on that night, but making your restaurant stand out from among the many choices is still important. Making such a holiday a memorable success could mean not only big income for the night, but also many happy return customers. This Valentine’s Day is all about stepping up your game, and decorating for romance!

White Icicle Lights Decorating Restaurant Dining Room

LED lights are a fun and unique way to decorate your restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Using a tasteful dose of red and white lights on the exterior and interior of your business will create an ambience your guests are sure to remember. White lights are a perennial classy look, and the reds create a soft glow that will transform your space.

Red, White, and Pink LED Light Spheres


Red, White, and Pink LED Light Spheres

Exterior Lighting: Draw Patrons In

Outside your business, red or white lights can create a striking curb appeal and draw in guests. The classic Christmas moves of decorating the landscaping, wrapping columns in spirals, and framing the doorway are still on the table for design ideas. But it may be a good idea to use red or white only to avoid a Christmas look. Make sure to step back from the façade and view your work from the street! Does it make you want to walk right in?

If you choose to use lights to make heart shapes in windows or on doors, make sure to do it just right. Plain lights may look better than a lopsided heart. You can also cut out a perfect cardboard heart and attach the lights to the edges, using the cardboard to give your heart shapes better form.

Interior Lighting: Keep the Magic Going!

Inside the restaurant, you want to deliver the magic that the outside invitation promised. Beyond the typical LED light applications such as framing the windows and doorframes, how about putting lights… in your lights? If you have chandeliers or pendant lights, stringing them up with red LED lights will change the hue of the light coming from the fixture, and also dramatically change the look for those who’ve dined with you previously.

Dangling icicle lights could create a beautiful backdrop behind booth seats that are situated against the wall. This also creates an attractive background for the couple’s Valentine’s Day photos. Another option at tables and booths is hanging light spheres as extra pendant lights, or in lieu of pendant lights, to create just the right lighting for the night.

Battery Operated Red LED LightsYou can even put lights right on the table! Use battery powered LED lights to create small centerpieces. They easily wrap around a candle or vase, or you can even create a “bouquet” of lights to display in a bowl or vase.

Learn to Make This Valentine's Heart with LED Lights


For another creative decor idea, check out Learn to Make This Decorative Valentine’s Day Heart with LEDs.

Finally, don’t forget any unique surfaces or backdrops that your particular establishment should highlight with LED lights. Got a grand piano? Light it up! A nice bar? Light that up too. Whatever pieces you think of as really giving your restaurant its “look” should be highlighted, to help your guests remember you.

While Valentine’s Day has come a long way since the 5th century, it is still a day of romance and ritual. Don’t hesitate to join in by decorating with LED lights for the perfect ambience, and give your guests a memorable experience.