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Promoting Your Event with LED Lights

LED lights are an eye-catching and innovative way to draw attention to local events. This year, take your events beyond decorating the façade of your business or wrapping the landscaping in rope lights. Those time-honored decorative techniques will still add excitement to your event, but to really make some heads turn—get creative!

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Dorm Room Decorating: 6 Things You’ve Got to Pack

You’ve just arrived and are figuring out how to decorate an 8 x 5 foot space with cinderblock walls so it doesn’t look dull. There are many dorm room decorating products in stores, and numerous ideas on the internet. Here are a few of our favorites because they won’t break the bank and they won’t break school rules (usually). Each has great potential for creativity and fun. Get Mom or Dad to ship them for you (Express Mail)! Continue reading Dorm Room Decorating: 6 Things You’ve Got to Pack

Football Parties – Raising The Bar

Football season is upon us and if there’s anything better than watching your favorite team, it’s watching your team surrounded by your friends! Great football parties take work, combining a fantastic party with the king of all spectator sports. You can’t control the outcome of the game, but you can host a top notch event! Here’s how to make sure your football party is the highlight of the season: Continue reading Football Parties – Raising The Bar

Many Shades of White: Warm vs Cool LED Christmas Lights

You remember learning about the color spectrum years ago in Physical Science 101? Do you also have a dim memory of some guy named “Kelvin”? Before you purchase or add to your Christmas light collection this season, you may want to refresh what you learned about color spectrum, Kelvin, and temperature. If you don’t, you may end up with white lights that are different shades of white and don’t match.

Don’t worry—we can clear it all up for you! Continue reading Many Shades of White: Warm vs Cool LED Christmas Lights

Where Does the Abbreviation Xmas Come From?

Since we began this business, we have learned a lot about the tradition of Christmas, and more than most people want to know about Christmas lights. For some reason I always assumed that the “x” in Xmas, was an abbreviation for or represented the cross. I’m not sure what prompted me to investigate the matter further today, but I decided I needed confirm my suspicions. Continue reading Where Does the Abbreviation Xmas Come From?

Hanging Christmas lights with the pros

I had a good friend growing up, whose father always decorated his entryway, and some of the trees and bushes on the front of the house. He did this every year while we were growing up.  It always looked ok, but he seemed to struggle with the installation each year.  This went on for several years until we were high school age, which was the last year he hung Christmas lights.  His final installation consisted of him opening the front door, plugging in the lights, and tossing the lights over the closest bush.  He shut the door, returned to the couch to watch football, and never hung Christmas lights again.  Perhaps if he had had some professional advise about hanging his lights, the exercise would have been more of a pleasure rather than a hassle. that got me thinking….We work with professional Christmas Light installers, and maybe I could get some advice from them. Thankfully a few of them were kind enough to agree to an interview, and answer some of the common questions we get about hanging Christmas lights. Continue reading Hanging Christmas lights with the pros

A New Solution to an Unpopular Holiday Task: LED Lighting

Stringing up Christmas lights has traditionally been an unpopular holiday task. Untangling wires, balancing on a ladder so you can attach them to the house, are all chores associated with this endeavor – But the biggest problem for many people, is finding that mysterious broken bulb. Hours are lost and tempers flare–most of us remember that classic scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswold nearly loses his mind, while attempting to decorate his house for the holiday–but this is where LED Christmas lights can show their true benefit. Never again will you have to ask, “Russ, we checked every bulb, didn’t we?” Continue reading A New Solution to an Unpopular Holiday Task: LED Lighting