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How to Change Fuses on LED Lights

Finding strands of Christmas lights that won’t light up can be one of the most frustrating parts of decorating for the holidays. If you have a strand of LED Christmas lights that you just can’t get working again, the problem might be with the fuse. Here are 7 quick and easy steps to Christmas light fuse replacement in both your indoor and outdoor Christmas tree lights and getting your holiday decorating back on track. Continue reading How to Change Fuses on LED Lights

Why you shouldn’t buy your LED Christmas lights at WalMart

You may be surprised to find that there is quite a difference in quality when shopping for LED Christmas lights depending on where you purchase them. From the retail or novelty products at your local big box store, to the commercial or premium grade products offered here at Holiday LED’s, and everything in between.

Each year we get several emails from distraught consumers, about the defective LED Christmas lights they purchased from various big box stores. The story is always the same: the consumer purchases the lights, pays double the cost that they would for traditional incandescents, and the lights stopped working in less than one year. Without fail, the big box chain that they purchased their faulty lights from refer the customer to the manufacturer, with whom the customer has had no contact or relationship. (A large number of big box stores get their lights from “Holiday Time” and customers unfortunately believe that we are the manufacturer, because our name contains the word Holiday.) Unfortunately, the customer is probably not going to have much luck getting a replacement from “Holiday Time”, if they can find a way to contact them at all. And even if they can find them, they’ll probably have to pay to ship their lights back, and then pay return shipping for the replacement set (which will be of equally low quality).

So, what are the major differences in quality between the high quality LED lights and strings that are sold here, and what you can find at your local big box store:

  • All Product we sell, with the exception of the Color-Rite Line, will have 1-Piece Bulb Construction – For additional information on this benefit, please see our article One-Piece vs Two-Piece Construction Christmas Lights

  • Color Consistency – White colors are specified and matched to samples we provide – Multi Color combinations will have even color distribution (all colors have the same amount of bulbs)

  • Full-Wave Rectified – Higher Quality sets, that produce a flicker free, super bright, and consistent light output.

  • Reliability – We have purchased from the same factories for over 10 years, and only purchase UL approved, RoHS compliant, and Energy Star labeled Products.

  • Variety – Wide selection of bulb styles with over 20 color options, Green, Brown, and White Wire Options, and many more specialty products!

  • Product Knowledge and Service – We can assist with:
    • Selecting the right product for your project
    • Estimating the amount of product needed
    • Assisting with design/lay-out
    • Can provide technical assistance or specifying information

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Our LED Christmas lights cost more than what you’ll find at big box retailers, but they will last longer and be more energy efficient. More importantly, if they are not what we advertise, you can just call us and we will gladly replace them. We stand behind our products. Our lights cost more, because they are higher quality, and we back them up with a strong warranty and outstanding customer service. At the end of the day, big box stores, are charging consumers double for an LED product that has no chance of lasting much longer than an incandescent string or bulb. So if you are looking for cheap, throw away Christmas lights, don’t waste your money on LEDs from the big box stores–buy the cheapest incandescent lights you can find, and at least you will get what you paid for.

For more LED tips, tricks, and products, please visit us on our site here. If you are looking for even more of a reason to purchase your next lighting products from Holiday LED’s, if you join our mailing list now, you will receive a coupon good for 15% off of your next LED purchase.

5 Ways to Create a Commercial-Grade Lighting Display

Have you just moved to a new neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas decorations? How about a small business owner trying to spruce up your storefront around the holiday season? Whatever your reasoning, Holiday LEDs is here with some tips that can help you transform an area into a commercial-grade setting that offers a warm welcome to anyone passing by.

Continue reading 5 Ways to Create a Commercial-Grade Lighting Display

How to Store LED Christmas Lights

The holidays are over now and it’s almost time to start taking down those decorations and saving them for next year. Taking some time to properly store your LED Christmas lights and other decorations this year can save you a giant headache next year. Here are some tips and tricks that we’ve found over the years to help you store your decorations. Continue reading How to Store LED Christmas Lights

The History and Meaning of Christmas Lights in America

The American tradition of decorating evergreen trees, homes, and landscapes, with brightly lit Christmas lights is not as old as many people think. Most of us probably assume that Americans have always used Christmas lights, in one form or another, but this isn’t exactly true. As it turns out, this American tradition has only been around for about 60 years, but the development of the tradition has a story and history that began centuries ago. Continue reading The History and Meaning of Christmas Lights in America

Planning Christmas Lights: Christmas Is Closer Than You Think

“For every minute spent in planning, an hour is earned.” —Anonymous

It’s 80 degrees on a beautiful day in July as this blog is being written. A clear blue sky is streaked by a few wispy clouds; trees are decked in green foliage; the flowers are blooming in a riot of colors. Why in the world would I be planning Christmas lights today? There are several reasons: Continue reading Planning Christmas Lights: Christmas Is Closer Than You Think

How To: Buy the LED lights and supplies you need for Christmas

There are now so many choices in LED holiday lighting products, that sometimes it’s hard to know what to pick, or how many lights you’ll need. Here are some tips, from our professional Christmas Light Installers, on how to order just the right amount of material. Continue reading How To: Buy the LED lights and supplies you need for Christmas

Have a Purrfectly Pet-Safe Christmas

Christmas with Furry Friends

You may have seen it at your own home, or a friend’s, or just pictured it happening: the beautiful Christmas tree adorned with several hundred lights and decorations wiggles, and jiggles, and finally topples over with a crash as Arthur the cat climbs to capture the star. Or you may have memories of little Pepe, your Chihuahua, posing for a picture among the mini lights, but later you caught him drinking water from the tree stand, resulting in a clean-up in the “Christmas aisle.” Continue reading Have a Purrfectly Pet-Safe Christmas

How Many Lights for My Christmas Tree? The Holiday Math Riddle

Remember those riddles from math class?

“What digit is the most frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000 (inclusive)? Don’t solve this riddle by doing all of the math; rather try to figure out a pattern.”

“A merchant can place 8 large boxes or 10 small boxes into a carton for shipping. In one shipment, he sent a total of 96 boxes. If there are more large boxes than small boxes, how many cartons did he ship?”

And there are also math tricks. “Think of any number. Double the number. Add 9 to the result. Subtract 3 from that. Divide by 2. Subtract that number from the first number you started with. Your answer is 3.” (Really, it is 3.) Continue reading How Many Lights for My Christmas Tree? The Holiday Math Riddle