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Outdoor Wedding Magic

It’s that joyous time of year. When the snow finally starts to melt. The trees start to bud tiny bits of green. Spring is in the air and that means that brides-to-be everywhere are anxiously counting down the days to their big day. Spring and early summer are the best months for weddings, especially outdoor weddings. The right decorative atmosphere helps to make your outdoor wedding magical and memorable. Continue reading Outdoor Wedding Magic

Holiday Teas It’s High Time to Start the Tradition

“Doing nothing is respectable at tea.” —Saying quoted in Sasaki Sanmi, Sadô Sajiki

The holiday pre-season is here—the perfect time to pause for tea, and “do nothing” for a short while. Many individuals plan an annual holiday tea party with friends before the rush of the season takes over. A number of restaurants and inns offer holiday tea time once a week during the busy season. Whether you’re an individual that loves the tea tradition or the owner of a restaurant, this could become a favorite event to host. You simply need to choose a theme, know your teas, select edibles, and decorate for the event. Continue reading Holiday Teas It’s High Time to Start the Tradition

LEDs Light Up Project Runway

Battery-powered LED Christmas style lights are so energy efficient and transportable that people are finding more non-traditional uses for them all the time. A little while ago we reported on people who are expressing their creativity, by using an interactive LED Lights on bicycles, and others who were using them to make signs, or to decorate their animal counterparts for parades. Still, even I was surprised when I tuned into my favorite guilty pleasure this week, Project Runway All-Stars, to find that the challenge involved designing an “avant-garde” outfit using innovative lighting technologies that included plenty of LED choices (to watch the episode, click here). Continue reading LEDs Light Up Project Runway

Photo Essay: 10 Bright Ideas for Holiday Lights

When you’re looking to design your holiday displays, one of the best ways to get inspired, is to see what bright ideas other people come up with. With that in mind, here are ten photos from a trip to Seattle’s Candy Cane Lane (along with ideas), that we hope will get your creative juices flowing: Continue reading Photo Essay: 10 Bright Ideas for Holiday Lights

Using Battery Operated Christmas Lights in Your Holiday Display

Often times the nature of, and/or and location of a holiday display, makes powering your Christmas lights with standard AC power difficult. In situations where it is not possible to, or desirable to power your xmas lights using standard power cords, try using battery operated LED Christmas Lights. Continue reading Using Battery Operated Christmas Lights in Your Holiday Display