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Planning a Super Sports Bar Celebration

The Big Game is one of the busiest days of the year for sports bars. Everyone is excited to watch and celebrate, but with a number of parties and special events to choose from, you need to work extra hard to create a unique and fun game day experience for your patrons.

You might not have time to completely redecorate but there are some quick and easy changes to make sure that your bar stands out. Continue reading Planning a Super Sports Bar Celebration

Valentine’s Ambience: Restaurant Decorating for the Big Night

Valentine's Ambience: Restaurant Decorating for the Big Night
The origins of Valentine’s Day have always been shrouded in romantic mystery. Whether St. Valentine himself had any romance in his life or not, at the end of the 5th century Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day, and a melding of Christian idealized love with pagan traditions and fertility rites led to some of the Valentine’s Day rituals we observe today. Two Valentine’s Day rituals that have remained constant since the Middle Ages are sending notes, and spending the day on romance.

While the greeting card industry gets a boon from the passing of notes, the restaurant industry is the recipient of much of the holiday’s action. Restaurateurs often experience a huge increase in traffic on that night, but making your restaurant stand out from among the many choices is still important. Making such a holiday a memorable success could mean not only big income for the night, but also many happy return customers. This Valentine’s Day is all about stepping up your game, and decorating for romance!

White Icicle Lights Decorating Restaurant Dining Room

LED lights are a fun and unique way to decorate your restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Using a tasteful dose of red and white lights on the exterior and interior of your business will create an ambience your guests are sure to remember. White lights are a perennial classy look, and the reds create a soft glow that will transform your space.

Red, White, and Pink LED Light Spheres


Red, White, and Pink LED Light Spheres

Exterior Lighting: Draw Patrons In

Outside your business, red or white lights can create a striking curb appeal and draw in guests. The classic Christmas moves of decorating the landscaping, wrapping columns in spirals, and framing the doorway are still on the table for design ideas. But it may be a good idea to use red or white only to avoid a Christmas look. Make sure to step back from the façade and view your work from the street! Does it make you want to walk right in?

If you choose to use lights to make heart shapes in windows or on doors, make sure to do it just right. Plain lights may look better than a lopsided heart. You can also cut out a perfect cardboard heart and attach the lights to the edges, using the cardboard to give your heart shapes better form.

Interior Lighting: Keep the Magic Going!

Inside the restaurant, you want to deliver the magic that the outside invitation promised. Beyond the typical LED light applications such as framing the windows and doorframes, how about putting lights… in your lights? If you have chandeliers or pendant lights, stringing them up with red LED lights will change the hue of the light coming from the fixture, and also dramatically change the look for those who’ve dined with you previously.

Dangling icicle lights could create a beautiful backdrop behind booth seats that are situated against the wall. This also creates an attractive background for the couple’s Valentine’s Day photos. Another option at tables and booths is hanging light spheres as extra pendant lights, or in lieu of pendant lights, to create just the right lighting for the night.

Battery Operated Red LED LightsYou can even put lights right on the table! Use battery powered LED lights to create small centerpieces. They easily wrap around a candle or vase, or you can even create a “bouquet” of lights to display in a bowl or vase.

Learn to Make This Valentine's Heart with LED Lights


For another creative decor idea, check out Learn to Make This Decorative Valentine’s Day Heart with LEDs.

Finally, don’t forget any unique surfaces or backdrops that your particular establishment should highlight with LED lights. Got a grand piano? Light it up! A nice bar? Light that up too. Whatever pieces you think of as really giving your restaurant its “look” should be highlighted, to help your guests remember you.

While Valentine’s Day has come a long way since the 5th century, it is still a day of romance and ritual. Don’t hesitate to join in by decorating with LED lights for the perfect ambience, and give your guests a memorable experience.

Ghent Light Festival, Starring LED Cathedral by Cagna Illuminations

The city of Ghent lies nestled midway between Bruges and Brussels in Flemish Belgium. Much like many cities along the central northern coast of Europe, Ghent features a well-preserved glimpse into the middle ages, with much of its medieval architecture still intact and part of the today’s functioning city, such as Saint Bavo Cathedral, which was consecrated all the way back in 942 A.D. and Gravensteen, a castle so medieval it has a partial moat, a dungeon, and a guillotine. Continue reading Ghent Light Festival, Starring LED Cathedral by Cagna Illuminations

Light the Way with LED Rope Light – A Flexible, and Easy to Install Way, to Add Accent or Safety Lighting

Lighting is a slow developing technology – The incandescent lamp has been the standard, and only option, for more than a hundred years. A recent explosion in the development of energy-efficient lighting technology, has created a whole new range of lighting solutions for the consumer. One principle application for lighting, is for general way-finding illumination. This type of lighting is typically dim enough so that it does not entirely light the surrounding environment, but is bright enough to provide persons in the area with sufficient light to see a path, stairway, or other area that requires light for safe navigation. Continue reading Light the Way with LED Rope Light – A Flexible, and Easy to Install Way, to Add Accent or Safety Lighting

Advantages of LED Rope Light

Advantages of LED Rope Light

We should probably first start out by explaining what Rope Light is – Rope light is a string of lamps, connected in series, which emit various colors of light. These lamps are covered in a round, transparent, flexible plastic housing, which protects the lamps and wiring, and allows for easy lineal lighting. It is usually sold in bulk lengths that can either be used “as is”, or can be custom cut. Rope light has traditionally used small incandescent lights, but is now also available in an energy-efficient and long-lasting LED version. Continue reading Advantages of LED Rope Light