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Completed DIY Patriotic Star Frame

3 Ways to Show your Patriotic Spirit with 5MM Red, White, & Blue LED String Lights

#1 – Use them to light an appropriately themed frame
Whether it is stars, a flag, or the letters USA, these 5MM Red, Pure White, and Blue Combo String Lights are the perfect choice for showing your Patriotic Spirit. Simply zip tie them

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Outdoor Patio Parties for Summer Fun

Outdoor Patio Lights and Party Themes Make the Night Special

Your patio is the extension of your living room. And summer, with extended hours of daylight, is the perfect time to extend your parties out onto the patio, deck, and into the yard—and with the right lighting, the party can extend well into the night!

Outdoor patio lights and special party themes will make your outdoor summer parties memorable. We also recently looked into Architectural Fibreglass Mouldings, as we want to create a new patio outside, that will hopefully be stylish and built-to-last.
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Creating Ambience in Restaurant Outdoor Seating

The Ambience that People Want

Restaurants with outdoor seating offer something that people want—the outdoor dining experience. A leisurely lunch, an evening celebration with friends, or a romantic dinner are more appealing in an outdoor setting with ambience. Whether it’s a rooftop terrace, an intimate outdoor café, an outdoor wine and coffee bar on a second story patio, an elegant restaurant with a breathtaking lake view, or a table for six at a covered beer garden — restaurants with outdoor seating are in demand. Continue reading Creating Ambience in Restaurant Outdoor Seating

Completed DIY Patriotic Star Frame

DIY Patriotic Star Frame

1-Patriotic Themed Frame
We got this from a local supplier – If you cannot find something locally, we can supply in many design options. Please contact us at 1-866-492-4330 with your specific size and design request.

2-Packs 4” Black zip ties (100/pk)

2-#45622R-B Premium Grade 5MM Red, Pure White, and Blue 70ct. LEDs
Additional Supplies – Needle Nose Pliers (tightening/cutting zip ties) & Extension Cord (powering lights while working – Always install/work with the lights on)

Frame     Other Supplies

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Celebrate America’s Birthday

July 4th—it’s not just another picnic.

In a humid, stuffy room in the Pennsylvania State House over 300 years ago, a group of men in wigs and suits met to finalize changes to a special document that declared separation from England. It talked about individual freedoms. But that meeting itself didn’t include much pomp and celebration. It was pretty solemn—this could mean charges of treason, loss of property, suffering and death. Continue reading Celebrate America’s Birthday

When Christmas Light Displays Become a Nuisance

We’ve all seen Christmas light displays that literally stop traffic. For many families, traveling around town during the Christmas holiday to see all of the fantastic lighting displays, is a yearly tradition. Ambitious homeowners with large displays often use hundreds of thousands of lights, making their homes a holiday event. These wonderful displays are great, and attract a lot of attention. The attention they attract often creates a lot of mixed feelings among neighbors, motorists, and public safety officials. This is because large and popular Christmas light displays congest otherwise quiet streets with lots of traffic, cause motorists to lose focus on the road, and create noise and light disturbances that can transform quiet neighborhoods into bustling thoroughfares. Over the past few years, a neighborhood in a mid-sized community in Michigan, has been operating an organized Christmas light display. Although initially popular, the growing display quickly began to irritate neighbors and others in the community, because of the noise and traffic it created. In fact, the display became so controversial that the it required intervention by the township. Fortunately, it appears that the parties have come to an agreeable resolution through a mediation process, and the “Christmas Road” display will continue in Spring Lake Township, Michigan. Continue reading When Christmas Light Displays Become a Nuisance