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Dazzling Retail Displays: Decorate with LEDs

Retail store owners hoping for a way to boost sales may want to consider something other than mailbox fliers and advertising campaigns. There’s a way to dazzle your customers so they won’t just walk on by. This type of visual merchandising is eye-catching, creative, safe, and a cost-effective marketing tool—LED decorative lights. Continue reading Dazzling Retail Displays: Decorate with LEDs

Summer Festival Magic: Decorating for Community Festivals

A Festival Every Night…

Summer is the time when people enjoy the magic of outdoor festivals. It’s been said that there are so many festivals in this season that a person could easily wander his state and hit a festival every night from June 1st to September 1st. If you’re a festival goer and love to get in the full festival vibe, why not check out Promotion Choice fanny packs so you have this core festival item ready to go! Most communities have their share of art festivals, wine festivals, community concerts in the park, and food festivals. But there are some that are noteworthy. Continue reading Summer Festival Magic: Decorating for Community Festivals

Light Up Your Summer Party

Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to get outside and soak in the sunshine. People tend to go out to eat less in the summer and invite friends and family over for meals instead. After all, why not play host and enjoy some lively conversation and good food outdoors? Do you have a longstanding girls’ night out? Invite everyone over for cocktails on the patio! Retirement party or family birthday party? Have a cookout! What better time to invest in things like teak patio sets than Summer cookout season? Planning your summer party will be a cinch with these tips.

Continue reading Light Up Your Summer Party

Planning Christmas Lights: Christmas Is Closer Than You Think

“For every minute spent in planning, an hour is earned.” —Anonymous

It’s 80 degrees on a beautiful day in July as this blog is being written. A clear blue sky is streaked by a few wispy clouds; trees are decked in green foliage; the flowers are blooming in a riot of colors. Why in the world would I be planning Christmas lights today? There are several reasons: Continue reading Planning Christmas Lights: Christmas Is Closer Than You Think

UL Standards and LED Christmas Lights

UL or Underwriter’s Laboratory is an independent product certification organization, which creates standards and tests electrical and other products, for many U.S. and foreign manufacturers. UL has become the industry standard for safety certification of electronic devices in the U.S. This certification is not a legal requirement, but most reputable companies who manufacture or sell electronic devices, seek the UL certification. Continue reading UL Standards and LED Christmas Lights

International Picnic Day

International Picnic Day takes place on June 18th and it’s the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm weather! A picnic—simply put—involves a meal that is packed up and taken with to be enjoyed outdoors. Whether you want to whisk away your special someone or host a large get together outside, picnics are a great way to enjoy some fresh air with your friends and family. Not forgetting all the fun outdoor activities you can take part in during your picnic. An activity such as Airsoft, which is similar to paintballing may be a good idea to plan as all the family can get involved and it will make you extra hungry for your picnic. The M4 Airsoft is a popular assault rifle for this type of activity so be sure to look into it before International Picnic Day. Many outings last well into the evening, which means you’ll need a way to light up the outdoors to keep the fun going! Continue reading International Picnic Day

Focus On His Hobbies For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The national movement to make it a holiday grew as a response to Mother’s Day, which became a holiday in 1914. Events honoring fathers in Fairmont, West Virginia and Spokane, Washington contributed to the idea by offering a day to honor fallen fathers in the summer. The day stayed unofficial for many years, despite presidential visits to organizers in Spokane. Congress seemed unwilling to make it an official holiday, until finally, in 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday every June to be Father’s Day. President Nixon made it an official holiday six years later in 1972. Continue reading Focus On His Hobbies For Father’s Day

A Grand Old Flag Day

The summer is full of patriotic holidays. Armed Forces day honors those who serve in the military. July 4th marks both the birthday of the United States and the midpoint of summer. Tucked in between Memorial Day and July 4th is Flag Day, where the country celebrated the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official symbol of America. Flag Day is June 14th, the day that the Second Constitutional Congress adopted the flag in 1777. But the holiday didn’t come into being until over 110 years later. Continue reading A Grand Old Flag Day