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Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro this Year

I used to think that there were certain tasks, that were so simple they really could not be screwed up, and stringing lights on a Christmas tree seemed like one of those tasks. I mean, how hard can it be? Well, I suppose it really isn’t that difficult to throw some lights on the tree and plug them in. However, after my first attempt at stringing lights on my families’ first Christmas tree, I quickly learned that there is a big difference between what I had accomplished, and properly strung lights on a Christmas tree. My installation looked horrible. Some areas of the tree had lots of lights. Some areas had none. There were 3 inches of space between some rows of lights, and 6 between others. Honestly, this did not bother me as much as it did my wife. After all, the lights were on the tree and they all worked! What drove me nuts was that the lights kept sliding off the tree branches. It bothered me enough, that I decided I was going to figure out a good system for hanging lights on my tree. That weekend, and over the last few years that I have been involved with I have learned a few things about this “simple” holiday task. Here are a few tips, that should alleviate some headaches this year, and improve the appearance of your tree: Continue reading Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro this Year

Using Battery Operated Christmas Lights in Your Holiday Display

Often times the nature of, and/or and location of a holiday display, makes powering your Christmas lights with standard AC power difficult. In situations where it is not possible to, or desirable to power your xmas lights using standard power cords, try using battery operated LED Christmas Lights. Continue reading Using Battery Operated Christmas Lights in Your Holiday Display

The Economics of LED Christmas Lights

In the 1980’s a 35 light set of Christmas tree lights would cost $10.00. That would be more than $29 today. Christmas lights were expensive back then, and most people would spend a few years building up a stock of lights, only to have to replace them the following year. As time went on Christmas lights became less expensive, and now you can buy a cheap 100 light set for under $3 at Wal-Mart. In fact, the lights have become so cheap that most people now consider them disposable. Why waste 1 or 2 hours of time untangling the lights from the tree, when they won’t last very long, and only cost $3? It’s not a hard choice for many people. The now cheap, disposable, Christmas lights are creating a lot of waste and bad habits for Christmas decorators. Continue reading The Economics of LED Christmas Lights