Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

September 18, 2016


When decorating for Halloween, there are a wealth of options to make your yard the most festive one on the block – from Lime Frost LEDs that can cast a glow over the creepiest graveyard, to Purple and Orange Icicle Lights that invite trick-or-treaters up your front door.

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorating with energy efficient and long lasting LED lights, is not only a festive addition to your yard, it actually adds a measure of safety for you and your Halloween guests. Because it’s not always easy to see through a zombie mask or walk in princess heels, the addition of LED lights that evenly distribute light in all directions, can help adults and kids alike stay on sure footing.

LED lights also stay cool to the touch, and generate very little heat, which means they’re safe to drape around shrubs, trees, cornstalks, hay bales, or even use them to light your jack-o-lantern – they’re an easy and safer alternative to messy candles.

Here are a couple of easy, off-the-beaten track decorating ideas for Halloween:

Make an Origami Bat Cave

Find a tree or shrubby nook in your yard to make an origami bat cave. Using black construction paper and these simple instructions, whip up a flock of origami bats decorated with glow-in-the-dark glitter. Hang them from the tree, against a backdrop of purple LED net lights, to create a spooky effect.

Make a Giant Spider Web

Grab a ball of rope, and a dozen anchor points in your yard at varying heights. Using these online instructions – as your guide, build a giant spider web that stretches across your yard. Then wrap your choice of LED Halloween light strings around the rope for an incredible night-time effect.

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