The purple wide angle LED set is the brightest on the market! It's also one of the toughest because it utilizes thick professional duty wire and our proprietary one-piece bulb and socket design so it 100% moisture resistant. There are too many possible uses for this light set to name but it's an obvious choice for Halloween lighting if you want something on green wire that you can use again for another occasion. Our purple wide angles are also so bright and vivid that its really a great string light for Christmas or winter decorating because it really dresses up a cold dark landscape with some lively color.

HolidayLEDs partners with MOM’s Organic Markets for Christmas Light Recycling Program

HolidayLEDs is thrilled to announce its most recent partner in the Christmas Light Recycling Program, MOM’s Organic Markets. Bring your old incandescent Christmas lights into MOM’s Organic Market locations, and they’ll give you a coupon for 15% off any retail order with HolidayLEDs to invest in new energy-efficient LED Christmas lighting!HolidayLEDs partners with MOM's Organic Markets for Christmas Light Recycling Program

Find your area MOM’s Organic Markets locations and directions by following this link.
MOM’s Organic Market is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm, and on Sundays from 9 am to 8 pm.

The market began as a home delivery service in 1987 that quickly grew outgrew itself and into today’s chain of existing stores. MOM’s features a massive amount of organic products, including fresh organic fruits and vegetables delivered daily. And if you’re worried about the word organic meaning expensive, know that MOM’s offers a low-price guarantee vs. any natural food store–even the big ones!

Bring your lights into MOM’s Organic Markets and help save the environment, save money on your HolidayLEDs retail order, and enjoy great healthy food, too!

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