International Picnic Day

International Picnic Day takes place on June 18th and it’s the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the warm weather! A picnic—simply put—involves a meal that is packed up and taken with to be enjoyed outdoors. Whether you want to whisk away your special someone or host a large get together outside, picnics are a great way to enjoy some fresh air with your friends and family. Many outings last well into the evening, which means you’ll need a way to light up the outdoors to keep the fun going!

Over the years, picnics have evolved from elaborate feasts to quaint, romantic outings. While feasts held after a successful hunt may no longer be the driving force of picnics these days, there are still some that are large productions. Family reunions and graduation parties are often held outdoors, with many guests contributing by bringing a dish or beverage to share. Another popular option is going on a picnic with your family. Whether you’re spending the day at the park or at a community pool, packing a lunch for your family on the go is a great way to save money and spend some quality time together.

Picnics can take place at a variety of places. Parks are a popular choice. Some state and community parks even have sheltered areas you can rent with picnic tables, bathrooms, and drinking fountains at your convenience. Utilizing one of these shelters ensures that your picnic will happen rain or shine. Dining in the evening can prove to be challenging once the sun begins to set, so providing some lighting such as adding string lights to your outdoor area, is a great option to brighten the space, hang some overhead. The fun doesn’t have to come to an end when it starts to get dark!

For families who enjoy camping as a way to spend more time outdoors than just having a picnic, lighting is crucial. Battery operated lights are a great choice for creating a festive atmosphere, while not taking up much of your valuable packing space. Some campsites do have outlets available, but I find that it’s best to be prepared to supply your own power source, rather than be stuck sitting in the dark. Learn how to Make Your Own Solar Powered LED Christ Lights for camping or how to Power Christmas Lights with DC Power with these informative articles.

Check out this two part video on how to create your own custom string light stand. How to make it and How to Set it Up.

For a romantic escape, surprise your significant other with a picnic in the park or by a waterfront. Pack your basket and cooler with plates, utensils, food, and beverages and you’re ready to go! It may be worth picking up an outdoor blanket (a blanket that typically condenses well and is secured with a buckle with a waterproof layer to sit on). While you’re at it, throw in some LED candles to create a fun, romantic vibe that will keep your date going well into the night.

This summer, bring your evening picnic out of the darkness and into the light. Wow your family and friends with your ability to plan and carry out the perfect outdoor dining event. Remember, LEDs do not emit UV Light, and thus do not attract bugs like other lighting options, a serious benefit for outdoor use. The warm weather is only here for a short time, so take advantage of it while you can!