Keep the bugs away with LED Christmas lights

There are many benefits to using LED for your decorative lighting, and it seems that we’ve written about most of them. However, every so often we learn about a new benefit of using LED lights. I recently read an article in the New York Times about LED lighting. The article seemed to include a lot of information about LEDs that had been discussed in several other articles before. However, the NYT article mentioned that LED lighting does not attract insects, which was news to me. This is because LED lights do not product any ultra-violet light. This feature makes LED Christmas lights perfect for outdoor summer decorating.

This past weekend, we used some warm white wide angle sets, to decorate a trellis we built above our fence. The lights produce just the right amount of light, and won’t attract any unwanted insects, since they produce no UV light.

This feature of LED lights also make the technology a great choice for camping lights – I can’t think of a better lighting solution for a camper, than a super-efficient and bright light, that won’t attract bugs to your camp site.

Light up your summer, without attracting bugs, by using LED Christmas lights.