Light the Way with LED Rope Light – A Flexible, and Easy to Install Way, to Add Accent or Safety Lighting

January 29, 2008

Lighting is a slow developing technology – The incandescent lamp has been the standard, and only option, for more than a hundred years. A recent explosion in the development of energy-efficient lighting technology, has created a whole new range of lighting solutions for the consumer. One principle application for lighting, is for general way-finding illumination. This type of lighting is typically dim enough so that it does not entirely light the surrounding environment, but is bright enough to provide persons in the area with sufficient light to see a path, stairway, or other area that requires light for safe navigation.

In the past this type of illumination was achieved through the use of halogen lamps or over powering incandescent overhead lamps. These solutions were inadequate, expensive to operate, and offered very little diversity in terms of installation.

The recent improvements, and increased availability of LED lighting, has provided many attractive alternatives for this type of lighting. One excellent alternative for general way-finding light is LED rope light. LED rope light consumes less than 1 watt of energy per foot, creates very little heat, and will last for 50,000 hours or more. The extremely flexible, weatherproof, and durable product can easily be installed almost anywhere, and does not require any special equipment or electrical wiring.

LED Rope Light can be used just about anywhere you need some accent or decorative lighting. Inside the home, you can consider using rope lighting along mantles, shelves, doorways, bars, bookcases, cabinets, inside closets, around windows, around molding, on stairways, or around the ceiling. It also works wonderfully around decks, railings, gazebos, paths, safety lighting for steps, or as architectural accent lighting.

Not only are there many different applications for rope lighting, it is also very easy to install. Our LED Rope Light is sold in bulks rolls, and has a standard power cord connected, to create the power connection between the rope and any standard household outlet. The bulk Rope Light spools include extra connectors, so you can cut custom lengths, or can connect separate rope light sections together. The bulk spools will also include installation clips, which can be screwed to a surface to hold the rope light in place – additional accessories and mounting options are available. In most cases the LED Rope Light can be installed in a few hours with minimal tools and electrical experience.

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