“Whimsical Lighting Fixtures for Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Lighting: The Bright, The Bold, and The Romantic

Planning your wedding day is a tough, but rewarding process. Each detail plays an important role. From finalizing the guest list to picking out flowers and the wedding dress (check out dress boutiques in chicago for dress inspiration), everything should blend seamlessly. Once the work is done and you see your vision come to life, every hour spent researching and on the phone will have been worth it.

To start, you and your partner should decide on a color scheme. This is arguably the most important factor, as so many of the details that follow will need to match or coordinate with your wedding colors. In fact, bridal shops often recommend selecting and ordering bridesmaids dresses at least six months prior to the big day. From here, you can choose what the men will wear to ensure that the vests, ties, and flowers all coordinate.

The reception decor is an area many couples like to have fun with. Chair covers, napkins, and table markers are just a few ways to put your personal stamp on the decor. One aspect that is often forgotten about is the lighting. Sure, you can pay the DJ to bring in some intensely bright dance floor lights, but why not take it into your own hands and create an atmosphere that your guests will truly remember?

When it comes to the music, it’s important to remember that your crowd will generally be from different generations and walks of life, so selecting a playlist with a mixture of songs and styles of music is a great way to ensure no one feels left out. If you’re working with a stage and or dance floor, a great way to highlight these areas is by surrounding the edges with either Rope Light or White Wire LED Lights. To make a bold statement with your centerpieces, pour filler into a vase and top it with a floating candle or some flowers. Bury an LED candle in the filler and watch how all of your tables suddenly glow. Watch this Tutorial on how to create a glowing centerpiece.

If you’re seeking a more rustic, natural look, place tall branches with flowers (fake or real) in your centerpiece vases and wrap a strand of Small Bulb Battery-Operated LED Lights around them. Another simple, yet fun table decor idea is to use candy that matches your wedding colors, such as chocolate kisses. Available in a variety of colors, these can be scattered around your centerpieces and serve as both decor and an edible treat. Here is a great article on how to create your own Firefly Jar Arrangements.

When it comes to outdoor weddings, tents are a great way to ensure your party will still take place outdoors, no matter the weather conditions. There are plenty of ways to liven up the inside of the tent. Large paper lanterns hanging from the supports, is a fun way to add pops of color. For the lighting, keep it soft and subtle if your goal is traditional and romantic. For a more modern look, I suggest using LED Spheres that coordinates with your wedding colors for a fun burst of color. Also, White Wire Icicle Lights will blend in with the tent and add an element of sophistication. Check out this Video for ideas on Tent Lighting. If you are hoping to keep the dance floor hopping, chocolate fountains and late night appetizers will keep your guests satisfied and energized all night long.

Don’t forget about the natural decor around you when it comes to outdoor weddings. Use the surrounding trees around you to hang large paper lanterns. You can also use strings of lights for a mystical, romantic vibe. Once the winter holiday season rolls around, relive your special day by reusing these lights on your Christmas tree. It’s just another way to remember your wedding while at the same time starting a new family tradition.