3 ways to show your Patriotic Spirit with Red, White and Blue String Lights

3 ways to show your Patriotic Spirit with Red, White and Blue String Lights

May 24, 2019

#1 – Use them to light an appropriately themed frame

Whether it is stars, a flag, or the letters USA, these 5MM Red, Pure White, and Blue Combo String Lights are the perfect choice for showing your Patriotic Spirit. And with these simple patriotic light decoration tips, you’ll be able to have your perfect design ready just in time for the most patriotic time of the year! Simply zip tie them onto your frame of choice.

(FIG. 1 & 2)

Have bulbs where you don’t want them? Use the 5MM No Glow Caps to cover them. The frame we lit required 2 sets of lights, but we ended up with 4 extra bulbs. So, instead of trying to “use them up”, hide them, or cover them with electrical tape, we used the No Glow Caps to cover them.

(FIG. 3 & 4)

These caps aren’t just for “extra” bulbs – You can use them to cover any bulbs you don’t want to see – Look at the difference it makes when the lights between the stars are covered.

(FIG. 4 & 5)

Can’t find a frame? – Well we can help with that too! Please contact us at 1-866-492-4330 with your specific size and design request.

#2 – Use them to outline or decorate Windows

Use these 5MM Red, White, and Blue Combo String Lights to outline windows, or get creative by spelling words or making your own designs. The Mini Light Adhesive Clips work great for window applications, and allow you to place/secure the lights where you want them. The New updated version of the Mini Light Adhesive Clip will securely hold the 5MM Socket, and will have the adhesive pad attached for easy and quick installation!

#3 – Use them to decorate existing Deck Railings, Structures, or even bushes or trees

What’s better than using what you already have? Wrap these 5MM Red, White, and Blue Combo String Lights around deck railings, or use them to light up pergolas, gazebos, or other outdoor structures. And lighting trees or bushes is not just for Christmas! All summer, show your Patriotic Spirit by threading your favorite patriotic string lights throughout the trees or bushes in your yard.

Looking for your perfect patriotic lighting setup? Look no further than our wide selection of patriotic lighting which can be found here. For more tips on patriotic lights, 4th of July lighting, or some history regarding our nation’s most historic holiday, visit our blog here for our Celebrating America’s Birthday article. If you are simply looking for more general LED design tips, tricks, or products, please visit our website here.