5 Ways to Create a Commercial-Grade Lighting Display

5 Ways to Create a Commercial-Grade Lighting Display

October 23, 2018

Have you just moved to a new neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas decorations? How about a small business owner trying to spruce up your storefront around the holiday season? Whatever your reasoning, Holiday LEDS is here with some tips that can help you transform an area into a commercial-grade setting that offers a warm welcome to anyone passing by.

Use the Proper Outlet 

As always, safety first! Your source of power should come from a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. This type of outlet will shut the circuit down if there is overcurrent. We want your lights to shine, not sparks to fly! If you don’t have a GFCI outlet, a qualified electrician can permanently install one outdoors for the holiday seasons to come. Or, you can buy a portable outdoor unit from your local hardware store for less than $20. Also, in terms of safety, inspect your ladder and make sure it is stable and in good condition. Ensure the ladder is on a solid, flat surface and don’t work alone. Have someone assist you with the decorating who can provide any needed support or stabilization that you need. If the roof is too steep or high, don’t risk having an accident — consider hiring a professional instead.

Choose Waterproof, Avoid Indoor Extension Cords

There are a variety of lights to choose from. First and foremost, always use waterproof or water-resistant lights with a tag marked ‘Underwriters Lab’ (UL). This means the lights meet national industry standards with the American National Standards Institute. Also, when you’re buying Christmas lights to use outside, double-check to make sure they are rated for outdoor use (just like your extension cords). Never use indoor Christmas lights outdoors. For a more traditional holiday light, you will want to use a C7 or C9 bulb. These are the cone-shaped lights you’ll often find in home improvement and convenience stores. The differences in these lights are size and wattage, with C9 being a little bigger and easier to see from a distance. Both lights are are great for illuminating both your house and trees.

Buy Wholesale LEDS?

One of the major caveats to outdoor holiday decorations is the price of high-quality LEDS; however, if you are looking for that amazing display on your own front doorstep, wholesale LEDS may be the right choice for you. Buying wholesale can save you in multiple ways and may consist of more benefits than purchasing a standard string of lights:

  • Cost Savings: Buying in bulk has long been a tried and true business practice, and wholesale LED lighting is no exception. Buying by the case is best if you’re looking to design/decorate larger yards, trees or driveways (in the style of so-called “drive-through lighting displays”), or if you’re a business owner looking to deck out your hall, wedding venue, restaurant or just need to add some pop to the shop. For more wholesale LED options and selection, please visit our website here.
  • Energy Savings: Switching to or using LED lights instead of an incandescent can reduce your energy consumption by 90%; Not only is this environmentally conscious, but it will also save you money. This lower usage of power also allows you to use more lights, which means bigger and better displays.
  • Ease of Install: Because LEDS use less energy, you can connect more sets end-to-end which will speed up install time, reduce the need for multiple outlets, and will save you money on extension cords, triple taps, and timers.
  • Durability: All of our LEDS are made of durable acrylic plastic featuring 1-piece molded bulb construction, making them virtually unbreakable and water-tight/moisture resistant. LEDS are also rated for up to 50,000 hours of use, as opposed to the 2,000 hours with an incandescent bulb, which means they can be reused year after year.
  • Safety: Unlike incandescent lights, LEDS convert the majority of their energy to light, instead of heat. This means they stay cool to the touch, no matter how long they are lit, making them a safe option for indoor or outdoor use.

Combining Decorations to Maximize Your Space

There’s no need rule against combining decorations! Combine your Christmas lights with other decorations like garlands, wreaths, and furniture. Make the most of your space with lighting and decorative features. It will allow you to maximize your space as you can use decorations in areas where lights might not be the optimal choice.

Take Your Lights Down at the End of the Season

Lastly, don’t be lazy and leave your lights up after the holiday is over. Your neighbors won’t appreciate it, but more importantly, the daily exposure to the weather over a period of time can cause damage to the wires, lights and sockets. This will eventually hurt your bottom line, as this will shorten the lifespan of your strings and system, possibly even damaging it beyond repair.

Best of luck this holiday season, and happy LEDing!