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Environmental Impact of Natural vs. Artificial Christmas Trees

October 6, 2010

General Considerations Many variables must be taken into account when determining the environmental impacts of natural and artificial trees. Natural trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere while growing, but often stress the environment with fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation, and soil depletion. Artificial trees are typically shipped a much greater distance (e.g. from China), and require significantly […]

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How to Take Digital Photographs of LED Christmas Lights

October 5, 2010

Basics & Background Taking pictures of LED Christmas lights can be difficult because digital camera sensors respond differently than do human eyes, making it nearly impossible to take a picture that reflects exactly what is seen. As an added challenge, natural sunlight is in flux, constantly changing in color and intensity. The art of photography […]

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American Made Christmas Lights?

August 10, 2010

Update, October 2016: As one of our most popular articles over the years, we felt it important to update our readers that it is still true that there is still no U.S. manufacture of Christmas lights. But while you can’t buy “made in the USA” lights, you can buy from a quality U.S. company who […]

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When Christmas Light Displays Become a Nuisance

July 1, 2010

We’ve all seen Christmas light displays that literally stop traffic. For many families, traveling around town during the Christmas holiday to see all of the fantastic lighting displays, is a yearly tradition. Ambitious homeowners with large displays often use hundreds of thousands of lights, making their homes a holiday event. These wonderful displays are great, […]

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LED Christmas Light Shopping Guide and Buying Tips

October 14, 2008

Each year American families spend hundreds of millions of dollars decorating for Christmas, and other winter time holidays. A major cornerstone of most holiday decorating projects is the Christmas string light. Although the progress in lighting technology has moved slowly, there is a new and better option for holiday and Christmas lighting: LED lights. LED […]

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Where Does the Abbreviation Xmas Come From?

August 21, 2008

Since we began this business, we have learned a lot about the tradition of Christmas, and more than most people want to know about Christmas lights. For some reason I always assumed that the “x” in Xmas, was an abbreviation for or represented the cross. I’m not sure what prompted me to investigate the matter […]

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The Economics of LED Christmas Lights

October 6, 2007

In the 1980’s a 35 light set of Christmas tree lights would cost $10.00. That would be more than $29 today. Christmas lights were expensive back then, and most people would spend a few years building up a stock of lights, only to have to replace them the following year. As time went on Christmas […]

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