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Think Pink: LED Lights for Breast Cancer Awareness

September 28, 2016

“PinkWhiteHouseOctober” by Eric Draper – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. We all know that pink is the color for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons, inside and outside, on cupcakes, in your hair Pink lights wrapped around trees and in the branches The Gateway Arch in St. Louis turned pink Runners with […]

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Tips to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Halloween Celebration

September 16, 2016

Americans have many great holidays, and holiday traditions, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Many of us celebrate these holidays by decorating, having parties, giving gifts, and traveling to be with family members. Americans love our holiday celebrations, and they wouldn’t be the same without the long-standing accompanying traditions, like turkey on Thanksgiving, trick-or-treating on Halloween, […]

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Decorate Your Fall Festival With Themed Halloween Lights

September 8, 2016

You know it’s time for the annual fall festival when warm summer days turn to crisp autumn nights, and the leaves begin to turn a kaleidoscope of colors. A fall festival offers a family-friendly alternative to traditional Halloween activities, and they are the most anticipated fall event for school fundraisers, church get-togethers, and neighborhood celebrations.

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Celebrate Great Workers: Laborers and LEDs

September 1, 2016

Though Labor Day is now celebrated as a day of rest and relaxation at summer’s end, it really is a yearly tribute to American workers and their achievements—people who work hard and work efficiently—people who don’t easily quit. Labor Day was started by either Peter McGuire, general secretary of Carpenters and Joiners, or by Matthew […]

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Christmas Lights from China: the Ethics of Illumination

September 11, 2014

Picture Perfect Holiday Lights? The holiday season is quickly approaching. You’re already picturing the tall pine tree strung with twinkling lights and adorned with your family’s heirloom ornaments. You can see the stacks of presents overtaking the floor space and can nearly smell the Christmas cookies in the oven—ah, the magic of season!

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Vintage Christmas Decorating

September 17, 2011

If you ever found a metal slinky, Malibu Barbie, Big Wheel, Connect 4, Chatty Cathy or game of Operation under your Christmas tree or as a holiday gift, chances are these commercials will take you right back there.

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The Best Halloween Songs for Halloween Light Displays

September 4, 2011

There are plenty of moments in horror movies when silence is the scariest sound of all. But when you’re decorating your yard for Halloween, LED light displays can be enhanced by adding music. Some folks go all out, as you can see from this incredible display in Riverside, CA:

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Wrapping Trees with LED Christmas Lights

November 4, 2010

I have not written much about decorating with LED Christmas lights because I am far from an expert and honestly have very little experience. Everyone thinks because I am in the Christmas lighting business I must have a large beautiful Christmas light display but I am usually so busy leading up to Christmas that I […]

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How to Take Digital Photographs of LED Christmas Lights

October 5, 2010

Basics & Background Taking pictures of LED Christmas lights can be difficult because digital camera sensors respond differently than do human eyes, making it nearly impossible to take a picture that reflects exactly what is seen. As an added challenge, natural sunlight is in flux, constantly changing in color and intensity. The art of photography […]

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LED Christmas Light Shopping Guide and Buying Tips

October 14, 2008

Each year American families spend hundreds of millions of dollars decorating for Christmas, and other winter time holidays. A major cornerstone of most holiday decorating projects is the Christmas string light. Although the progress in lighting technology has moved slowly, there is a new and better option for holiday and Christmas lighting: LED lights. LED […]

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