Contractor’s Guide to Outdoor Patio Lights

May 31, 2021


Whether you are looking to light up a wedding, make you storefront shine and stand out, or you simply are looking for new ways to light your own space for an outdoor party, LED lights and strings might be the perfect solution for you. No matter what you are looking for, Holiday LEDS is here with some outdoor party lighting tips that will have you covered for any outdoor event. If you are looking for any of the products mentioned in this blog, or any other of our wide variety of LED lights and strings for any event, please visit our website here.

Breathtaking Bistro Lights

It’s fitting that bistro lights go by so many names (S14 LED lights, café lights, string lights, etc.) because they are special lights with some of the greatest utility on the market right now. You can achieve a variety of different lighting effects with bistro lights and you can really work to make these strings to fit almost any need you may have for an outdoor setting. They can be used to illuminate seating areas, provide overhead ambiance, or add some professional charm and shine to niche areas around the home, garden, or living space that you are looking to illuminate. Because of this versatility, bistro lights have become one of the most popular lighting options over the past few years. One of the most important things to remember when using bistro lights is that they are meant to be used as accents, rather than as the main attraction or main light source in a room. They are best fitted to being strung above or around the main area where people will be gathered so that it is illuminated, but not close enough to where the guests will be distracted by a dangling, bare bulb which could possibly ruin some of the ambiance you are trying to achieve.

Radiant Rope Lighting

Looking for something to make an area stand out without taking tons of space? Places like a storefront, gazebo, or patio where you have limited space to illuminate and decorate are perfect for LED rope lights. These special lights, which come in large spools, can be fastened to poles, railings, and other small ledges where it can be difficult to place other light strings to provide discreet illumination and a nice warmth without overpowering an area with light. Another unique aspect that these lights can bring to the table is the fact that they can also be used to highlight walkways or pathways. This is important for a couple reasons: first this kind of lighting will provide safety for people who may be walking through your home, store, or public area that you are attempting to light, allowing them to see where they are going. Secondly, they will provide steady warmth and ambiance throughout the space that you are illuminating, rather than having all of your lighting focused on one specific area.


Spectacular C7’s and C9’s

C7 and C9 LED lights are some of the more traditional lights that you may be used to, however, you may not have thought to use them in an outdoor setting such as a summer party before. Although both of these lights look very similar they have a few unique differences. C7 and C9 are terms that refer to the socket size on a string. The sockets on a C7 LED string are slightly smaller than on a C9 LED string. Each type of cord uses a different base size of light bulb, the C7 bulb will fit a candelabra base (E12) and the C9 bulb will fit an intermediate base (E17). These lights both can be used to draw people to a certain area by adding a little something extra to a specific area through lighting design and decoration. They can be used as a highlight or accent to an area by attaching them to foliage, railings, or any other stationary pieces within the space. If you already have C7 or C9 socket wire and are simply looking for some new bulbs to try a different look, or put a fun, new spin on a previous lighting design, you may want to look into our G-series of retrofit bulbs, which will fit into your socket to replace old C9 or C7 bulbs.


Although you may not have thought that LED lighting could be used for less traditional jobs when lighting events or special areas, however you may find that they are actually the perfect tool! They can provide both general illumination as well as ambient and task lighting to provide everything that you may need to elevate you event, storefront, or even just a simple backyard summer party to something extra special that your guests or customers will remember for a long time.

If you are looking for more lighting tips, tricks, or ideas, please visit our blog here. If you are interested in our wide selection of commercial outdoor party lights or LED holiday lights, look no further than our website here.