Decorate Your Fall Festival With Themed Halloween Lights

September 8, 2016

You know it’s time for the annual fall festival when warm summer days turn to crisp autumn nights, and the leaves begin to turn a kaleidoscope of colors. A fall festival offers a family-friendly alternative to traditional Halloween activities, and they are the most anticipated fall event for school fundraisers, church get-togethers, and neighborhood celebrations.

From the classic cake walk to face painting, everyone loves a day of fall festival fun and games. If you are planning to decorate for your fall festival (or just for fall in general), make it really glow with energy efficient, long-lasting Halloween lights. Available in a variety of colors to match the season – red, yellow, orange, and green – they are the perfect way to light up your fall festival.

Black Wire Halloween Lights and a Leaf Theme

Fall-colored leaves and black wire Halloween lights add a festive touch. Many craft and art supply stores sell artificial fall leaves that are perfect for draping around entrances or along fences.

Alternating purple and orange LED string lights, add a little sparkle against the autumn backdrop, and help hide the wiring. You can also cut large leaf shapes from cardboard, paint them in fall colors, and paste them around the string lights. Drape a leaf garland swag entwined with LED string lights, to complete your leafy autumn look.

Lime Green Halloween Lights, Hay Bales, and Pumpkins

Hay bales and pumpkins offer an affordable way to dress up fall festivals. Stack the hay bales, adding pumpkins and strings of Halloween Lime Frost LED Lights on top. (Be careful not to stack the hay bales too high, because they could fall over.)

If you’re using tables for the festival, miniature hay bales add decoration to the table tops. Combine the hay bales with miniature pumpkins, fall leaves, and purple or orange Halloween LED Lights to complete this traditional autumn look.

More Popular Decorating Ideas with Halloween Lights

Halloween LED lights can be used to compliment many popular fall festival decorating themes. When pressed for time, balloons and streamers are an easy, festive way to quickly transform an empty space into a Halloween party extravaganza! Drape the area with purple, orange, and green streamers, mingled with matching balloons. Compliment these decorations with Halloween Icicle lights – Available in Orange Frost, Purple Frost, Lime Frost, Purple and Orange Frost combo, and Purple and Lime Frost combo.

Bright and focused LED lights are an excellent way to decorate your annual fall festival. Unlike traditional light strings, Halloween LED lights produce very little heat so they stay cool to the touch, and are safe to operate when draping them across or on top of possibly flammable material.