Diversify Your Decorating Options with LED Wedding Lights

January 5, 2008

Developing and installing attractive decorative lighting for your wedding day, or other special occasion, can be challenging. Traditional lighting solutions are limited by battery life, weather, and extension cords lengths. This often makes it difficult or impossible, to achieve the type of lighting affects you want for your event, without unsightly extension cords or lots of maintenance.

New lighting technologies, such as LED, provide a wider variety of lighting options. The highly efficient LED uses about 90% less electricity than standard incandescent lights, which means you are not limited by power (can decorate even more), and don’t have to run multiple extension cords to power everything (less to hide, and avoid tripping hazards). This low power draw also means you can operate them for long periods of time, off of just a couple of AA batteries – This is especially handy for table decorations, as they are difficult to get electric to, and you will want them to be lit the entire event – Check out these “how to” instructions on lighting flower arrangements.

LEDs also stay cool to the touch, giving you even more options of where you can use them – Weaving lights into other decorations, suspending them from tent ceilings, or having lights under sheer fabrics are all popular wedding lighting techniques, but incandescent lights heat up – Which deterred many people from lighting those areas, due to the fact that the heat could damage these items, or the possibility of fire hazards – But because LED lights operate at only 1 degree above ambient temperature, you are able to light things that were not possible with high-temperature incandescent lights. For example: LED lights can be installed inside a decorative ribbon which was not possible with incandescent lights because of the heat output.

Not only are LEDs safer and easier to use, they also are available in many more color and bulb shape choices, than incandescent ever gave us. From the perfect pink to match your wedding theme/colors, to unique bulb shape choices like the cherry blossom, there is something to fit any décor.

LED Battery Operated lights, String Lights, Cherry Blossoms or Trees, Spheres,and Patio Lighting or Retrofit Bulbs are great alternative solutions to traditional decorative wedding lights or party lights.

In addition to all of these benefits, LED wedding lights are the right choice for the environmentally conscience consumer.