Dorm Room Decorating: 6 Things You’ve Got to Pack

August 11, 2016

You’ve just arrived and are figuring out how to decorate an 8 x 5 foot space with cinderblock walls so it doesn’t look dull. There are many dorm room decorating products in stores, and numerous ideas on the internet. Here are a few of our favorites because they won’t break the bank and they won’t break school rules (usually). Each has great potential for creativity and fun. Get Mom or Dad to ship them for you (Express Mail)!

    1. One Extra Large Metal Cookie Sheet: Spray paint it, decorate it; hang it on a wall and use it as a magnetic board. You should bring magnets if you want it to be fully functional.
    2. A Couple of Clay Pots: You can put a plant in one (a touch of green in your room), use them to hold pencils, toothbrushes, and hair supplies. But terra cotta pots are also perfect for cooking marshmallows (outside, please).
    3. A Half Dozen Rolls of Washi Tape: Washi Tape is a decorative Japanese tape that’s easily removable and leaves no residue. Decorate your door, make picture frames, line book shelves, color your blinds, or color tape your roommate.
    4. A Multitude of Multicolored Sticky Notes to create Post-It® wall art.
 photo IMG_1980_zps711df32f.jpg
 photo 20140814_220048_zps8594b63e.jpg
 photo minicontrollerremote_zps344adb31.png
  1. A Plethora of LED holiday lights: There’s nothing more fun (or safer, because they stay cool to the touch) for dorm room decorating than LED holiday lights. Most fun of all are RGB LED lights. RGB products allow you to control color and motion, all in one string of lights. A controller allows you to change things up remotely.

Whatever you do with your lights for dorm decorating, take a picture and post it to Instagram: #LEDDorm. These are a few suggestions:

Hang lights around the door frame. Do a design over the ceiling.

Via Pinterest user Caitie Bass

Use LED cool net lights intertwined with sheer fabric to make a canopy. DIY flower lights can easily be made using cupcake liners in various colors to surround each light, or use mini cups. Rope lighting is great for writing your name, or your favorite inspiring words. Hang string lights from your bunk or loft bed, combining colors to show your school spirit.

Make a photo gallery on your dorm wall by hanging pics on a string with clothespins. Illuminate your photo display with LED lights. Empty bottles can become lovely lanterns when a stand of lights is dropped down inside. Tube lights are a great stand-alone item, or hang varying sizes in a group from your ceiling to create a chandelier.

For Zealous Light Enthusiasts

Many college students have gotten zealous about decorating with lights, even holding competitions between frat houses or dorms. If you need inspiration for a competition, see what can be done with LED holiday lights and music.

If you need wilder inspiration for a big competition, see what was done for the Googletron, a permanent lighting installation at the head office of Google.

Or, check out the Cubatron Core in Las Vegas if you’re an overachiever.

For any of your dorm lighting needs, from the simple to the complex, contact us to place your order. High quality LED lights will last until you’ve finished your degree, your PhD, launched your business, and beyond.