Finding Inspiration in the Colors of Easter

April 8, 2019

If warm weather, birdsong, and a few early buds on the trees haven’t gotten you thinking spring, knowing that Easter is coming should do the trick! Bright, pastel Easter colors are a nice departure from the deep tones of winter. You’ll find these happy shades blooming in Easter dresses and other spring clothing, baskets with artificial straw, jellybeans, candy coatings, and seasonal sweet treats, and egg coloring kits. You can even see it in colorful and bright Easter embroidery designs to get you in the spirit of Spring and get artsy! So while you’re preparing for Easter egg hunts, church services, and chocolate overload, it’s great to know you can add bright, safe LED lighting to your decorations—in colors that perfectly match the season.

Practically every color of the rainbow can be incorporated into Easter decorating, but your selections might be different depending on whether you’re design focus is the Christian Church calendar, the Easter Bunny, or a combination of both.

Decorated Easter Tree on the Street in Front of a Church

Color is used in Christian worship to represent a number of elements important to the faith. White (purity or victory), red (Christ’s blood), green (life), purple (royalty), and rose (joy) are used throughout the year, while at Easter other colors are added, including blues, pastels, and even metallics. There’s a large palette to decorate with, and rich meaning behind each hue.

Easter candy corn (6918360384)

Easter Candy Corn by ewan traveler from Ewan, USA (Uploaded by Mindmatrix) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Color-Rite light assembly

Color-Rite light sets feature a 3-piece bulb and socket assembly so you can remove, replace, and interchange bulbs.The pastels associated with popular bunny-themed celebrations are also inspired by the new life that blossoms in spring. From there, they find their way into spongy marshmallow confections (that people seem to either love or hate), take over the color schemes of candy favorites, and fill clothing stores with promises of warm sunny weather.

Whether you’re designing a tablescape for home, family, or church gatherings, or just brightening up your seasonal décor (inside or outside), colored lights are a great choice, and LEDs are the safest and most economical. In order to complement the array of Easter colors, though, you might think you have to buy endless strings of lights to mix and match. But our Color-Rite Interchangeable light sets feature removable bulbs (which most LED Christmas lights do not), so that you can customize your light set with the colors you want for Easter—and even switch them out again for summer parties, weddings, and fall or winter holidays! Plus, they’re available on green wire (for traditional use on Christmas trees or outdoor settings) or white wire—perfect for Easter, weddings, and whenever a lighter color is appropriate.

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The cold of winter may have made you wonder if spring would ever come. But Easter promises it will (if it hasn’t warmed up where you are yet)—and an array of happy, inspiring colors awaits! Not just Easter eggs, jellybeans, and baskets, but colorful and customizable LED holiday lighting that will stay in fashion year round!