Focus On His Hobbies For Father’s Day

June 3, 2016

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The national movement to make it a holiday grew as a response to Mother’s Day, which became a holiday in 1914. Events honoring fathers in Fairmont, West Virginia and Spokane, Washington contributed to the idea by offering a day to honor fallen fathers in the summer. The day stayed unofficial for many years, despite presidential visits to organizers in Spokane. Congress seemed unwilling to make it an official holiday, until finally, in 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed the third Sunday every June to be Father’s Day. President Nixon made it an official holiday six years later in 1972.

When most people think of Father’s Day, they think of classic dad gifts. Dads usually need ties for work, so the common solution is a quick trip to the menswear department. Cologne is another choice, though that usually gets stashed away in the sock drawer until the son needs to borrow some for his first big date. Occasionally, Father’s Day gifts can get quite creative, which can lead to things like personalized bobbleheads being gifted to the old man.

Few dads will refuse a power tool as a gift, but finding one that he doesn’t already have can prove to be tricky. You also have to make sure that you get the right power tool, and if you don’t know what he will like, then how can you be sure to get the right one? Many people will look at sites like to see what sort of tools are out there, so this might be something which you should look at as well. Particularly if you want to make sure you get your father the perfect gift!

Father’s Day is the one day out of the year everyone takes to honor their father, so why not make this year special and give him a display he won’t soon forget? Decorate one of his favorite spaces and he’ll think of you every time he starts working on his hobbies.

Cleaning up dad’s favorite space is a good idea, but adding a little bit of decorative light to show off on Father’s Day can make it a very special day indeed. Whether it’s an outdoor getaway or an indoor sanctuary, string up some RGB Lights to turn Father’s Day into a true event. These smart lights can be programmed to change color, opening up decorative possibilities that will blow any Dad’s mind. Turn his home theater into a drive-in by setting up twinkling stars on the ceiling. Ring the bottom of the pool table to give it an extra bit of Vegas glam. That basement, garage, or outdoor bar area is another place that Dad can enjoy these lights while enhancing his outdoor parties. Why not buy some Cheap bar stools online and put them in the outdoor bar area? There’s lots of different furniture you could buy to make the bar look great!

Chances are Dad is a big sports fan. Whether it’s above the grill, in the TV room or the garage, lighting up his space in his Team Colors is sure to put a smile on his face. Dads want to celebrate their team all year long, so a Father’s Day preview of what his game space will look like will surely get him excited.

Father’s Day lets everyone celebrate the first man in their life. Dad deserves a little bit of extra attention every now and again. With these decorative tips, show him just how much he means to the family.