LED Icicle Lights – Decorating and Storage

June 8, 2016

There are a variety of different styles of Christmas lights. One of the most common speciality styles of Christmas lights is the icicle light. The icicle light is a great decorating tool, and can be utilized to provide fantastic affects, to a number of different holiday displays.

What is an icicle light?

An icicle light is similar to a standard string of Christmas lights, in that it features a number of bulbs in series, on a single wire. However, the icicle light is unique in that the main wire, or horizontal line, contains no lights. All of the lights are on drops from the main horizontal line, to create an effect that emulates icicles hanging from a roof line.

How can you use LED icicle lights?

The most common use for icicle lights, is to decorate the roof line or eaves of a home. The dangling lights create an illuminated “icicle effect” that is very attractive. However, there are several other decorative uses for icicle lights. Icicle lights can be used effectively to decorate a mantle, entry-way, or railing as well. The lights also look very attractive as a skirt for a holiday or wedding table. Or try hanging them vertically (instead of horizontally) from the branches of a large tree – when all the “drops” are hanging down the set, it appears that you are using multiple sets of lights, instead of just one. In fact, these lights can be used for numerous creative uses, or any application where dangling lights is desired.

What is the best way to store LED icicle lights?

Unfortunately, no one has invented a “tangle-proof” Christmas light, and Icicle lights are especially susceptible to tangling, because of the drops dangling from the main horizontal line. We know that storing Christmas lights, especially, icicle lights can be a pain. We handle a lot of Christmas lights, and have to care for our sample light sets in a way that makes them presentable, and accessible when they are needed for various projects. After many attempts and experiments to find a way to effectively store our icicle lights, we found some things that did not work (winding up like an extension cord, rolling/balling up like a string light – all resulted in tangling), but finally came up with the following method that worked really well:

1. Unplug the icicle lights from all other light strings.

2. Lay each individual string on the floor or a large flat surface.

3. Hold either the female or male end (plug) of the string in one hand.

4. Grab the first “drop” on the string of icicle lights, pull the “drop” up close to the end of the string (plug)

5. Continue pulling all “drops” together until you have collected them all. When all “drops” are pulled together there should be a thin area between the hanging “drops” and what looks like a mess of wires above.

6. Now that the whole string is gathered in one hand, either use a zip tie, twisty tie, or something similar, and secure the tie around the “thin” part of the gathered string. Once secured, the “drops” should be hanging toward the ground and the wires should be above. With all the drops secured you can place the lights in storage.

If you follow these simple steps for storing your Christmas icicle lights, next fall (when you take the lights out of storage) all you have to do is remove the tie, and the icicle lights are ready to be installed.