LEDs Can Light It All!

February 3, 2016

So What Do I Do With These Old Incandescent Lights?

LED lights have become more popular every year, but some holiday traditionalists have hesitated to convert to this “new” technology. We all love the classic look of those incandescent bulbs, especially the painted ones that shine so brightly through the snow. But by last year, new advances in LED technology and aesthetics brought many of the classic Christmas lovers around. LED lights shine brighter, the colors are truer, and now LED lights can even look just like those old glass bulbs!

2014 saw a 30% growth in holiday lighting sales, and a good portion of this was in the LED market. Every year the technology gets better, making the white lights brighter and the colors purer on both ends of the spectrum. Early LED lights were very dim on the yellow end, and their incandescent counterparts often won out for warm color decorating. But this year’s warm and white bulbs can outshine any old-fashioned strand. Our need for outstanding holiday colors, whether it’s the brightest colors or the most reminiscent of home, can now be met by holiday LED lighting.

Some who cleaved to the classic incandescent strands did so because of style. When we think of early LED lights, rope lights come to mind. These look nothing like a traditional holiday setup, and while the ropes had wild appeal to those on the cutting edge of everything Christmas, those who wanted a comfortable, beautiful call back to the lights of their childhood Christmases may not have been so wowed. They would pay MORE to run incandescent lighting all season, because the look of the lights was so important. But now the style problem is solved! Holiday LEDs come in styles for every aesthetic. They can be fitted with all kinds of encasements to make them look just like classic Christmas lights: everything from the typical minis, to icicle lights, to the very bulbous old fashioned painted C7 and C9 lights. But the LEDs that replace these outmoded strands are far more durable, long lasting, resistant to bulb breakage—and their stay-cool design removes concerns of Christmastime fire hazards.

Finally, the durability and cost efficiency of LEDs just makes sense. At one-tenth of the energy usage of incandescent lighting, holiday LEDs cost pennies to run. Plus, they’ll give you years of beautiful lighting. No worries about breaking bulbs when packing and unpacking, and no checking the whole strand to find that lone broken incandescent light!

So, if you have recently converted to LEDs, look forward to years of gorgeous decorating! But you might be wondering…

What do I do with all these tangled old Christmas lights?

Recycle Them!

Holiday LEDs offers a Christmas lights recycling program, and we are now accepting lights. Ship us your old strands, and we’ll send you a valuable coupon for 15% off your LED purchase. Get together with friends and family to ship all your old lights at once, and clear out all those broken bulbs and energy-sucking strands. Converting to new technology will always produce some waste, but Holiday LEDs wants to help reduce that by making sure that much of the old lighting get recycled.

So go ahead and replace those classic Christmas lights. With all the color choices and style choices, the cost efficiency of years of LED light, and a safe place to dispose of your old strands, you’ve got nothing to lose! Not even your Christmas nostalgia.