Backyard Lighting for Spring

April 15, 2015

People all over the country are emerging from the long winter and venturing outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather. It is time to start thinking about your back yard. Begin by giving your lawn some much-needed attention. Not feeling too confident about your own green-fingered abilities? Why not reach out to a lawn care specialist such as They can get your grass back to its best in no time whatsoever. Once your lawn is sorted it is time to get that rake out and clean up the mess that winter left. Run to the local nursery for new plants and flowers for your garden. Pick up some quality timber posts and cladding and erect that fence to thwart those nosy neighbors. Start planning your backyard parties and BBQs with family and friends. To create a really cool and friendly atmosphere, you might even consider installing an outland fire bowl. Finishing your evening’s entertainment sat around the fire would be a perfect way to end the day, not to mention you’d be able to make smores too. It’s a great time to think about ways to make your back yard and patio an oasis you can escape to after a long day. Some people have even decided to accent light their sheds from places similar to EasyShed as well because apparently they are fun and easy to cover in accent lighting.

Accent lighting is a fantastic way to bring a little ambience to your backyard space. If you thought LED lighting was only for the winter holidays, you’ll find new inspiration for warm-weather decor! Many of the methods you use to decorate for Santa work year-round to create a fun and relaxing place for your family to enjoy.

Party Courtyard -- Mill Rose Inn, kicking it, Half Moon Bay, California, USA

Party Courtyard by Wonderland, on Flickr

You can always use rope lighting to accent pathways and garden beds. But have you thought about using it under your deck or patio to bring a unique glow to the area? With a few simple clasps, you can illuminate the entire length of your entire porch. Take it to the next level and line the bottom or top of the fence around your yard for an even bigger impact.

Create a practical and beautiful conversation area by lighting up your patio table’s umbrella with strands of LEDs in any number of shapes (or even icicle format). Enjoy a late night dinner or drink at your patio table without worrying about candles or overheated bulbs to light up the area. Just run the cord up the pole of the umbrella and weave the strand of lights through the arms of the umbrella. White works great for daily use, but consider adding a pop of color for summer holidays or just for fun!

Do you have a railing around your patio? Wrap light strands around the rails to bring even more light to the areas that you like to enjoy in the evening. Use white wire if you have lighter wood or white railings; green or brown if you have darker wood. If you are worried about the wires looking messy during the day, purchase inexpensive faux ivy at a local craft store to help hide the wiring and give an even more natural look to your accent lighting.

Stringing lights across the top of your porch is a decoration that will never go out of style. You can run a simple wire parallel to your house and zigzag strands of lights back and forth to create a ceiling of light to your deck. Customize the lights for specific events or summer parties by purchasing paper lanterns from your dollar store to hang from the wire or even put around each light. LED lights stay cool to the touch so you wont have to worry about the paper getting too hot while you are enjoying your festivities.

Your garden doesn’t have to be left out in the dark either. Run some outdoor extension cords along the fence to bring some electricity to your plants and vegetables. Decorate your bushes or trellises with any color lights you want. Create a focal piece in your yard by wrapping the trunk of a tree in lights. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to bringing a little light to your backyard. What are some of your favorite outdoor lighting tips and tricks?