New Morphing LED Christmas Lights

June 10, 2016

The energy savings, costs savings, and safety of LED Christmas lights are wonderful, but one of the coolest things about Christmas LED lights, is that they can do so much more than traditional incandescent Christmas lights. One of my favorite new products is the morphing LED light set. This light set consist of 5MM wide angle LEDs that are mostly warm white bulbs – but here’s what makes them so cool – Every 5th bulb morphs! The morphing bulbs will slowly fade between colors – Green, Blue, Aqua/Teal, Yellow , Purple, White, and Red – and variations/tones of these colors, while the other bulbs stay Warm White. This gives you a very subtle color change, while still giving you mostly a Warm White Set. Perfect for the more “traditional” (all white) decorator, that wants to add a little splash of color. Or, for the more “modern” decorator, who wants something new and different. Wow your friends and neighbors this year, with these Energy Efficient, and Color Morphing, LED Light Strings!