It’s that joyous time of year. When the snow finally starts to melt. The trees start to bud tiny bits of green. Spring is in the air and that means that brides-to-be everywhere are anxiously counting down the days to their big day. Spring and early summer are the best months for weddings, especially outdoor weddings. The right decorative atmosphere helps to make your outdoor wedding magical and memorable.

Imagine a bride walking down an aisle lined with beautiful flowers and shimmery string lights leading the way to the altar. An archway decorated with the same flowers and lights, creating a whimsical backdrop for the bride and groom. Nearby trees wrapped in white lights and tulle. The sun setting in the background. Guests will be talking about this ceremony for years to come and the photos will look absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful bride can be let down by a poor background. That’s why it’s super important to make sure you pick a venue that you love and a photographer that can capture that magic. There are many talented photographers out there that could do your big day justice, such as Olga Topchii at If you want great pictures to look back on, then getting the right venue and photographer are the most important things on your to-do list!

Now fast-forward to the reception. The dance floor is lined with rope lighting. The entire ceiling of the tent is covered with cool-to-the-touch LED lights from end to end to illuminate the space with a romantic glow. With the right photographer, they could take full advantage of that elegant lighting to capture some memories you’ll never forget. For examples of exquisite wedding images here is a wedding portfolio to look at. Having the right creative eye behind your shots can help you capture your families’ legacy forever. Regardless of setting having a professional wedding photographer will make the day perfect. It might be a smaller tent with an intimate group or an enormous group with 300+ guests.┬áThe tables are set with clear vases filled with branches and floral arrangements enhanced with strands of battery-operated lights. The head table is lined with flowers, lights, and candles. The evening air buzzes with laughter, dancing, and magic. I honestly can’t wait to share all of the lovely pictures on Instagram from the day! I’m sure my 2,000 strong followers will be excited to see all the pics. Now… you could be asking, how does an average person get 2000+ followers without much work or focus? To give you a hint, there are various online tools to get free instagram followers. It’s stress and pain-free! Anyways, back to the big day!

Outdoor Nighttime Wedding Celebration

Outdoor Nighttime Wedding Celebration (image by Alagich Katya, on Flickr)

Strands of lights mixed with the surrounding nature and flowers create a beautiful setting to celebrate with friends and family. Since LED lights do not get hot to the touch, they can be used against fabric and near flowers without any worries. The light reflects off of any reflective surface and bounces off of the nearby exterior walls. No need to shut down the outdoor party as the sun dips below the horizon. A new ambience takes over after sunset, transforming the outdoor festivities into a fantasy to make any bride’s dreams come true.