Outdoor Patio Parties for Summer Fun

Outdoor Patio Parties for Summer Fun

May 20, 2022

Outdoor Patio Lights and Party Themes Make the Night Special

Your patio is the extension of your living room. And summer, with increased hours of daylight, is the perfect time to extend your parties out onto the patio, deck, and into the yard-and with the right lighting, the party can extend well into the night! Following patio furniture design trends is a great way to keep the party rolling on outside through the night!

Outdoor patio lights and special party themes will make your outdoor summer parties memorable. We also recently looked into Architectural Fibreglass Mouldings, as we want to create a new patio outside, that will hopefully be stylish and built-to-last.

The possibilities are wide open: beautiful lights strung along the deck, in tree branches, garden trellises, or under the patio umbrella make the setting magical. And the themes for your special summer party are endless. A party theme makes it more fun for those planning the summer party and for those attending. To help you along with planning your patio party, we’ve listed a few summer party themes to spark your imagination.

Try a few of these great themes for your summer patio parties. Then invent a few imaginative themes of your own!

  • Garden Veggie Grill Party: Invite friends and neighbors to bring fresh veggies they’ve grown in their gardens and marinate and grill them for a delicious, healthy alternative to meat (provide rice, pasta and bread to serve with the veggies)
  • Hoedown: Have an old fashioned square dance with southern food
  • International Day of Friendship: 7/30 – invite your closest friends over for a patio party to celebrate.
  • Ice Cream Social: Be sure to include a variety of toppings
  • Wine Tasting: This could include specialties such as dessert wines with a chocolate fountain, or dry wines with specialty cheeses
  • Summer Movie Night: You’ll need patio chairs, pop corn, a white sheet on the clothes line (or build your own screen), and either the rental or purchase of a projector
  • Outdoor High Tea Party: They are more elegant at night
  • Campfire Party: You’ll need blankets, s’mores, a fire pit, scary stories and campfire games or songs
  • A Beach Party: Even if you don’t live near the beach, you can throw a beach party-Beach Boys music, volleyball, water balloons, and water guns
  • Hawaiian Luau: Wear grass skirts, coconut bikini tops, and play or hire musicians who perform Hawaiian music
  • A ’60s, ’70s or ’80s BBQ: This one calls for clothing, food and music from whatever decade you select
  • Mexican Fiesta: Celebrate with tacos, margaritas, burritos, sombreros, piñatas, and Mexican music
  • Elegant Cocktail Party or Black Tie Dinner
  • Murder Mystery Dinner: Use Mystery Dinner Ideas or this book, Murder Mystery Party
Outdoor Tree Wrap Lighting

Image from WWF France via Pinterest

Decorating for your patio party doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. If you have no table, one can be made from sawhorses and a slab of wood or an old door. When covered in a colorful cloth, it is transformed. If you have no patio furniture, you can bring your indoor furniture outside to create an elegant event. (Just check the forecast.) Be sure to use the furniture to create areas for guests to gather. The arrangement will differ depending on your party theme (dancing, murder mystery, movie viewing, etc.). If you have a wooden fence that you want to renovate and make look as good as new for the summer, you can always look into something like a fence stain. This will keep it looking viable and visually appealing. Be sure to do your research on this, if it is something you want to consider doing. If you plan on having regular patio parties, it would make sense to protect your patio. The best way to do this is to use an oil based concrete sealer to protect the surface of your patio (whether it’s concrete, brick, stone or any other type of masonry). This sealer is damage resistant from water, chemicals, UV rays, heavy foot traffic, and cleaning agents – so you can rest assured your patio can withstand the demands of a party.

The one decoration that really transforms the outdoor patio party is lighting. There are many lighting options to choose from to create the right mood for your summer event. Want that professional event lighting look? S14/A15 LED Bulbs and heavy duty socket wire are perfect for patio parties in the summer. G-Series (G30, G40, G50) LED Retrofit Bulbs are great options if you have existing C7 or C9 socket wire. Convert your existing strings of glass incandescent bulbs to energy saving, festive, and virtually unbreakable patio lights.

Want to learn more? Check out the many options in acrylic plastic (like S14 warm white or cool white LEDs or G-series bulbs above), or glass bulb options as well-to complete the look of any type of outdoor event you plan.

What great summer party themes have you tried this year?