Selecting the Right White Christmas Lights

July 16, 2008

Selecting a standard white Christmas light used to be simple–there was only one choice: white or clear. With the introduction of LED Christmas lights more choices became available and its become a bit complicated. Now consumers can choose between warm white, pure white, antique white, warm white frosted and many other variations or brands thereof. All of the new shades of white became possible because LED technology allows the manufacturer of the LED to apply different phosphor combinations to create a white light of different color temperatures. There are many places to get beautiful Christmas lights either in-store on one of your Christmas shopping trips or online on sites like where you can find their very own Christmas Elves’ lights, the possibilities of lighting up your house with Christmas beauty are endless. The article sited discusses the meaning of color temperature in a bit more detail. This article will attempt to describe and help assist consumers select the best white color for their particular application.

Warm white Christmas lights

Warm white LED Christmas style lights are the closest color temperature of LED Christmas style lights to incandescent lighting. The color of warm white in and LED has improved greatly over the past few years. Many people still associate LED Christmas lights with cool blue looking lights. While there are some white colors of LED that reflect a bluish white color, there are now quality warm white sets available that mimic closely the warm, traditional, ambient color of standard incandescent lights. A quality warm white LED Christmas light will have a warm yellow hue an a color temperature in the 3000K range.

Warm white Christmas lights are a great selection for classic Christmas tree lighting and other traditional displays where a warm, soft light is desired. Warm white LED lights look great on holiday wreaths, trees, and traditional outdoor displays.

Warm white frosted LED Christmas lights

The warm white frosted LED Christmas light is similar in color temperature to the warm white LED but the lens is frosted rather than clear. The frosted lens further softens the light produced by the LED. Because LED light is a strongly directional light even a very warm white LED light may appear cooler and stronger than a traditional warm white or clear incandescent light. The frosted lens on the warm white frosted LED lessens the impact of the directional LED light for a softer affect. This LED light is a good selection for those looking for a very soft and warm LED Christmas style light.

Both the traditional warm white light and the warm white frosted light look best when used alone and not with other colors.

Pure white Christmas lights

Pure white LED Christmas lights produce a much cooler and vibrant white color. Previous versions of the pure white LED were very bluish in color. Newer versions of the pure white LED are more true white and reflect very little blue hue. A high quality pure white LED Christmas light set will have a color temperature of about 5000K. Pure white is really a fantastic color. It is so pure and vibrant that it will light up your display like no other white Christmas light. It works wonderfully as an accent to color displays as it picks up and enhances the brightness of colored sets. For seasonal decorating I would recommend using pure white as an accent color to red, blue, or green. For non-seasonal decorating it provides wonderful bright white light to your yard, garden or deck.

Who knew selecting white Christmas lights could be so difficult. Hopefully, this article provides some guidance for selecting the appropriate white holiday lights for your display.