Using Your Lights Year Round

Using Your Lights Year Round

February 1, 2019

When you think of making an LED purchase, you are normally only thinking of a specific event, holiday, or special occasion that would allow you to bring them out and dazzle your guests. But if you’re going to be spending on premium LED lighting, you should find ways to utilize your purchase year round to get the most bang for your buck! With a bit of creative flare and the right idea, string lights or Rope lighting can have endless uses for interior and exterior design opportunities. Luckily we’re here with a few tips, tricks, and ideas for year round use of your LED lights around your home or garden spaces:

1. No More Clunky Cabinet Lighting

It’s okay, you can admit that every now and then you tip-toe into the kitchen late at night for a midnight sneaky snack, we all do. But wouldn’t it be great if your kitchen was basked in a golden glow that doesn’t blind you with a harsh glare before you reach the fridge? With a simple piece of warm white rope light attached to the top, bottom, or inside of your cabinets and some power adapters and extension cords, you can transform your kitchen for both those midnight rendezvous and your everyday use.


2. “You’re Glowing In That Picture”

Framed pictures, posters, and artwork can be found in almost every home and LEDS can offer a simple way to make yours stand out from the rest. Backlit frames are a very simple DIY project that can add a wonderful glow to whatever you are trying to accentuate around your house. All you’ll need is rope lighting or light strings in the color of your choosing and a way to attach it to your frame’s backside- almost immediately you will see awesome results that will make your pictures pop and create a warm feeling throughout your home.

3. Heavenly Headboards

If you are an early riser or if you’re just trying to add an extra something to your bedroom decor, you may want to look into back lighting your headboard to give off a comforting glow when you wake up instead of that horrendous moment of being blinded by turning on your overhead lights.

Also if you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can try a floating mattress design using a lot of the same materials. Either way, using a string of lights or rope lighting, simply mount them onto your surface (either the back of the headboard or underneath the base of your bed frame) and revel in the warm glow from your newest, coolest addition to your bedroom.

Backlit Headborad
Floating Mattress

4. Divine Indoor/Outdoor Decor

If you have a bar area, man cave, deck, or patio there are limitless design opportunities with LED indoor or outdoor lights that can enhance your venue, by giving it a more warm, relaxed feel year round. Using our E26 patio socket stringer and or our S14 LED style bulbs you can create a bistro-like space with ease by hanging them above your area or by exposing the bare bulbs, which will give off a cozy ambiance and create a relaxed space for you and your company to enjoy no matter what time of the year it is.

Don’t forget about giving your outdoor garden a nice ambient glow as well! Flowers often get left in the dark (literally) once the sun goes down and we know you put in a lot of work to make those bulbs bloom! By incorporating the use of LED rope light, your landscape will be basking in its own personal spotlight under the stars.


For those who may not have the luxury of an outdoor garden but still want to give your indoor plants some light lovin’, fear not! Ferns and ficus’s alike don’t need to be green with envy of their outdoor friends while they radiate under green battery operated micro dot rice lights.


5. Warm, Welcoming Walls

Wall decorating is a new and unique way to add an extra layer of warmth and creativity to your home. By attaching strings of lights to form a sculpture or design, this will allow you to put your signature touch on a room, living space, or even your own bedroom. From the very popular lighted tree to an inspirational word, you can get creative and design whatever you want by shaping your rope or string lights to fit your glowing vision.

With these ideas in mind, hopefully now you can use those LEDS that you already have a little more frequently than once a year, or plan accordingly for your next LED lighting purchase for some creative DIY projects to add a little more glow to your already stunning home! For more LED ideas, projects, and products visit our website here for all your LED needs and more.