Using Battery Operated Christmas Lights in Your Holiday Display

August 12, 2008

Often times the nature of, and/or and location of a holiday display, makes powering your Christmas lights with standard AC power difficult. In situations where it is not possible to, or desirable to power your xmas lights using standard power cords, try using battery operated LED Christmas Lights.

Using battery operated Christmas lights on your wreath

A Christmas, or holiday wreath, is probably the most obvious place to use battery Christmas lights. Many people would like to add lights to the wreath on their front door, but do not have a good option for powering them. It is difficult to conceal the power cord for a wreath placed on a front door, and in most cases people use their front doors – which means the cord will be in the way when opening and closing the door, or can be a tripping hazard. Battery operated holiday lights allow you to illuminate your holiday wreath, without the worry of extension cords or other wiring techniques, that would take away from the simple elegance of a well illuminated front door wreath.

Holiday Centerpieces

Using a evergreen wreath, or piece of garland as the centerpiece to a holiday dinner table, is a great way to dress up your holiday event. Most holiday centerpieces add some light, by featuring a large pillar candle or a couple of candlesticks. However, you can easily add some additional ambient light, by decorating your holiday centerpiece with battery operated LED Christmas lights. The battery pack for these energy efficient lights can easily be concealed in the centerpiece, or under the wreath or garland – and you won’t have to run an extension cord across your dining room floor.

Decorative mantle pieces

If you have a fireplace and mantle, you probably like to include this area in your holiday decorating. A wreath or lit centerpiece centered above the fireplace, or lighted greenery on the mantle, will both make a big impact – but they require power, and unfortunately, most mantles do not have conveniently located power outlets – which makes using outlet powered holiday lights difficult. Holiday mantle pieces are another great place to utilize battery operated Christmas lights.

Have a larger project, or looking for a different bulb shape or length, than the battery operated lights are offered in?

Traditional Outlet Powered LEDs can be modified to run off of DC or Battery Operated Power. Which means you are not limited to using factory made battery operated sets – this opens up a lot more options for colors, bulb shapes, and length options. There are few ways to do this, for additional details, please read our article on Powering Christmas Lights with DC Power.