Why is a policeman guarding that tree?

November 8, 2011

The New York Daily News has the scoop, on the tree that’s been chosen to grace New York’s Rockefeller Center this year. Turns out, it’s a been a badly kept secret in the town of Mifflinville, PA, population 2500.

The folks at Rockefeller Center have officially remained mum about the decision. But folks started to suspect once Mifflinville policemen started guarding the 75-foot tall Pennsylvania spruce around the clock, and arborists spent three days wrapping each individual branch for an impending move. When asked why he was guarding the tree, one cop wasn’t giving anything away: “I can’t comment, but don’t go near the tree.”

Bonus question: How many environmetnally friendly LED Christmas lights does it take to light the most famous Christmas tree in the country?

Answer: 30,000, with a Swarovski crystal star on top.