Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your LED Christmas Lights at Walmart

August 17, 2019

You may be surprised to find that there is quite a difference in quality when shopping for LED Christmas lights depending on where you purchase them. From the retail or novelty products at your local big-box store, to the commercial or premium grade products offered here at Holiday LEDS, and everything in between.

Each year we get several emails from distraught consumers about the defective LED Christmas lights they purchased from various big box stores. The story is always the same: the consumer purchases the lights, pays double the cost that they would for traditional incandescents, and the lights stopped working in less than one year. In some cases, the defective lights could cause harm or injury, and they have to turn to a service similar to a Walmart injury attorney to aid them if they choose to pursue a claim.

Without fail, the big-box chain that they purchased their faulty lights from refer the customer to the manufacturer, with whom the customer has had no contact or relationship. (A large number of big box stores get their lights from Holiday Time and customers, unfortunately, believe that we are the manufacturer because our name contains the word Holiday.) Unfortunately, the customer is probably not going to have much luck getting a replacement from Holiday Time, if they can find a way to contact them at all. And even if they can find them, theyll probably have to pay to ship their lights back, and then pay return shipping for the replacement set (which will be of equally low quality).

Sometimes it pays to go with the slightly pricier product to ensure you won’t come across issues down the road. We stand behind our quality of lights here at Holiday LEDS, and we know you’ll be completely satisfied with your LED string lights.

What are the differences between high-quality LED light strings and what you can find at your local big-box store?


Color Consistency

  • White colors are specified and matched to samples we provide and Multi-Color combinations will have even color distribution (all colors have the same amount of bulbs).

Full-Wave Rectified

  • Higher-quality sets that produce a flicker-free, super-bright, and consistent light output.


  • We have purchased from the same factories for over 20 years and only purchase UL approved, RoHS compliant, and Energy Star labeled products.


  • A wide selection of bulb styles with over 20 color options as well as green, brown, black, and white wire options, and many more specialty products!

Product Knowledge and Service to Help

  • We are available to help select the right product for your project
  • We’ll assist in estimating the amount of product needed
  • Advise on design/layout
  • We can provide technical product assistance

Where should I buy my LED Christmas lights?

As with most things, you get what you pay for. Our LED Christmas lights cost more than what youll find at big-box retailers, but they will last longer and be more energy-efficient. Our lights cost a bit more because they are of higher quality, and we back them up with a strong warranty and dedicated customer service.

If you are looking for cheap, throw away Christmas lights, buy the cheapest incandescent lights you can find. This isn’t to say we recommend this as the aforementioned points outline why LED string lights are a better bang-for-your-buck than what you’ll find at the big-box retailers.

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