1PC. Vs. 2PC. Construction – Why Choose LED Christmas Lights with Non-Replaceable Bulbs

June 8, 2016

This year LED Christmas lights will be given more shelf-space in the big box stores. Incandescent will still be available, but shoppers will have more options than in years past. As with most things, there are substantial differences in quality between the various brands and types of LED Christmas lights on the market.

The most noticeable (and perhaps most significant) difference between the various brands, is the bulb. The most commonly available type of LED holiday light features 2-Piece construction or has a replaceable bulb. These light strings allow for easy replacement of a bulb that goes bad. However, the ability to replace the bulb actually makes it more likely that you will have an issue. As two-piece construction Christmas light set uses a lamp or bulb assembly that is separate from the socket, and thus is susceptible to moisture infiltration = corrosion and LED failure. A well-made LED Christmas light will last for a long time, and the bulbs should not need replacing. Here are some of the principle reasons to choose an LED holiday light with non-replaceable bulbs:

1. Moisture Damage and Rust. The conductive leads of an LED bulb, and the cooper wire in the string cord, are made of different materials and are therefore very susceptible to rust. Even the slightest bit of moisture entering the socket area can rust the bulb connectors and wire very quickly. Because LEDS operate at such a low temperature any moisture that enters the bulb is not likely to evaporate. This can further expedite the corrosive process, causing the bulb to literally rust out of the socket in only a few months. HolidayLEDS LED Christmas lights feature a patented one-piece construction. Our bulbs are injected molded into the socket and are completely moisture-proof–No water can enter the socket.

2. LEDS Are Polarity Specific. LEDS are polarity specific. This means that each bulb must be inserted, and positioned, in the proper direction. If an LED bulb is removed, and reinserted in the wrong position, it will not work. If more than one bulb is removed from the sockets, it becomes difficult or impossible, to determine which bulb is in backwards. In these cases, often the entire set will not light.

3. LEDS Are Power Specific. Each different color of LED bulb, requires a different amount of power, to work at its highest efficiency. Most replaceable bulb sets are supplied with a Red LED (which is the cheapest). If you replace a lost or defective Blue LED, with a Red replacement LED, it will soon burn out because the socket for the Blue is wired with a much higher power than that for the Red. If you were to place a Blue LED, in a socket designed for a Red LED, then it would hardly light. HolidayLEDS LED Christmas light bulbs, are wired for the appropriate amount of power depending on the color, and permanently affixed so that the best performance is guaranteed.

4. Warranty. One of the principle advantages of high quality LED holiday lights, is that they do not burn out or require replacement – Which is why our customers prefer to purchase thru us, instead of thru a “big box store”. When selecting LED Christmas lights, select a product with a warranty and performance history, that backs its claims of longevity. And remember, degradation of the socket or LED due to moisture, is NOT something that is covered by Warranty. So avoid the hassle of lower quality sets with replaceable LEDS and make the switch to Premium Grade 1-Piece Construction LEDS from HolidayLEDS!